JS: Access values of fields located on the “Form Component” PCF Control

JS: Access values of fields located on the “Form Component” PCF Control

In this informative post, Andrew Butenko talks about a fascinating feature he discovered while working with a colleague. The feature enables access to related entity fields that are displayed through the "Form Component" in JavaScript. This can significantly enhance the functionality and usability of your PowerApps application.

The "Form Component" is a powerful PCF (PowerApps Component Framework) control that allows the display of related entity data in a structured format. However, accessing and working with these related fields has not been well-documented. Fortunately, Andrew was able to explore this feature and shares his findings in this post.

If you're a PowerApps developer or working with the PCF, and want to learn how to access related entity fields using JavaScript, this post is definitely worth checking out.

The post JS: Access values of fields located on the "Form Component" PCF Control was originally published on Andrew Butenko's Blog.

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Andrew Butenko's Blog – All I want to share about Development/Customization for Dataverse
Andrew Butenko's Blog – All I want to share about Development/Customization for Dataverse

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