If you're working with Dynamics 365 forms, this tutorial is your gateway to understanding how to use notifications effectively. Notifications can help you guide users through the form in a logical manner, making it easier for them to enter data accurately.

In Dynamics 365 forms, you can leverage two types of notifications:

  • Form Notifications: These notifications are displayed at the top of the form.
  • Field Notifications: These notifications are linked to a specific field, displaying relevant information next to the field.

This article dives into how to display both types of notifications within an entity form by using JavaScript. To display a form notification, the setFormNotification function is used with the appropriate type (Info, Warning, or Error). Similarly, to display a field notification, the setNotification function is used.

To remove a notification, you can use the clearFormNotification and clearNotification functions respectively. You just need to specify the unique id of the notification that you want to remove.

Keep in mind that notifications can help create a more user-friendly experience, so mastering them is a crucial skill for Dynamics 365 form developers.

Bonus tip: This tutorial also includes a couple of bonus tips for context-specific notification removal. So, if you want to improve your Dynamics 365 form development skills, make sure to check out this tutorial.

Happy Coding!

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