Power Platform – Environment groups and environment routing general availability

Power Platform – Environment groups and environment routing general availability

The Power Platform is set to improve its governance capabilities through the release of Environment groups and improvements to Default Environment Routing on May 16, 2024. These features will enable administrators to govern at scale more efficiently, with benefits including Managed Environments for Power Platform. With environment groups, administrators can organize multiple environments into structured groups with rules for bulk governance such as security and compliance. Meanwhile, Default environment routing provides a governance feature that directs makers to their personal developer environments, making it easier to build with Microsoft Dataverse while preconfiguring new environments with baseline controls required by the organization.

By streamlining management and enhancing security for any-scale Power Platform implementation, these features come as a welcome improvement. No action is required from users at this time, but to learn more about how these changes might affect you, you can review the information on Environment groups and Default environment routing.

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