Conditional Access Improvements for the Microsoft Lists App for Android

Conditional Access Improvements for the Microsoft Lists App for Android

Microsoft has introduced an update to the Microsoft Lists app for Android to enhance the Conditional Access (CA) grant control feature, which supports the Require approved client app feature. These improvements are currently available to members of organizations that have an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 commercial subscription that includes SharePoint. The app also features in the Intune console and can be added to All Apps or All Microsoft Apps. If you're not utilizing the APP, CA, or either grant control, no action is needed. However, it is recommended that users update their Conditional Access policies to take advantage of the Require app protection policy grant control. For more information on this, visit this page. Remember, you'll need to log in with your OrgID (Azure Active Directory credentials).

If you're new to Microsoft Lists or Conditional Access, this post provides an informative guide on how to get started with creating and assigning App Protection Policies, Conditional Access policies, and targeting apps with them.

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