SharePoint: Export Microsoft Lists as a dataset for Power BI Data Hub

SharePoint: Export Microsoft Lists as a dataset for Power BI Data Hub

Microsoft Lists and Power BI Data Hub are about to join forces, providing users with the ability to export datasets from Microsoft Lists to Power BI Data Hub. This integration will open up a world of possibilities for visualizing list data, creating custom reports, and unlocking new insights.

This exciting new feature will enable you to utilize Power BI Data Hub's robust data visualization features to generate customized reports based on your list data. Although you can already view lists as reports within Power BI, this new feature will allow you to take your analysis to the next level and extract more value from your list data.

With the release set for February 2023, this integration marks another step in Microsoft's commitment to delivering powerful, intuitive productivity solutions across its suite of products. Stay tuned for more updates as Microsoft continues to break down the silos dividing data and analytics across their ecosystem.

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