Episode 276 – I need to lock down SharePoint but I need it to be open!

Episode 276 – I need to lock down SharePoint but I need it to be open!

In Episode 276 of this podcast, Ben and Scott discuss various topics such as Teams display devices, Teams phones, and offer great feedback on the Teams app. They round up the episode by answering a listener's question about how to share content in SharePoint with external users while adhering to specific security and compliance requirements, in order to maintain a secure SharePoint yet open for collaboration environment.

In addition to discussing the listener's question, the episode also covers different aspects of SharePoint such as using it as a business-to-business extranet solution, using sensitivity labels to secure content in Teams, Microsoft 365 groups, and SharePoint sites, control unmanaged device access to SharePoint and OneDrive, and measures that can be taken to limit accidental exposure of files when sharing with external parties.

The podcast also highlights relevant links for its listeners on how SharePoint and OneDrive can be used for secure external sharing and creating a secure guest sharing environment. If you want to support the show, you can check out their membership options. Moreover, the episode sponsors, Intelligink, are a Microsoft cloud technology solutions provider that partners with customers to implement and administer cloud technology deployments and solutions.

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Episode 276 – I need to lock down SharePoint but I need it to be open!

In Episode 276, Ben and Scott start the episode talking about Teams display devices, Teams phones, and complimenting the Teams app on your com...

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