How Do I Deploy a Dynamics 365 Integrated Trial Environment? – Step -by-Step Guide

How Do I Deploy a Dynamics 365 Integrated Trial Environment? – Step -by-Step Guide

The challenge is: what is it?

Keeping up-to-date with the latest & greatest features of Dynamics 365 family products is essential in today's fast-paced technological landscape.

The other day, I revisited my programming journal, only to discover several new features, updates, and changes I hadn't seen before. Simply to stay current, I had to revisit new features of Dynamics 365 Project Operations and some features of Dynamics 365 FO.

At work, I am often required to use new frameworks or features. Although I concentrate on learning new Dynamics 365 Project Operations features, I might still feel that I am missing the full picture of Dynamics 365 Finance business processes. In some cases, it's frustrating not to have a dedicated, managed or trial-integrated Dynamics 365 Project Operations or any apps of Dynamics 365 and Dynamics 365 FO environment, so you can see how everything works together.

What is the most effective way to deploy your learning environment for 1-month?

Here are the steps we need to take

Step 1: Search for the right URL

You can easily find the Dynamics 365 Project Operations trial link by searching the below keyword using BING.com


Navigate to https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/project-operations/environment/admin-trials

Step 2: Sign up for Project Operations Trial

Step 3: Let's get you started

Fill out the email address

Step 4: Tell us about yourself

Fill out the required fields

Step 5: Sign-in Information

Enter the domain name and click on Next

Step 6: Confirm the details, before getting started

Click on Get started

Step 7: Select the Project Operations Scope

Step 8: Select the option to deploy Project Operations

In my case, I would like to utilize end-to-end project management and accounting capabilities but in your case, it might be lite deployment or resource/non-stock scenarios

Step 9: Getting things ready for you

Step 10: Validate deployed environments

Step 11: Install Dynamics 365 Project Operations Apps

Navigate to Power Platform Admin center -> Select resource -> Dynamics 365 Apps -> Install apps

Select Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations and click on Next

Step 12: Verify and apply the Dual-write maps solution

Navigate to the Data management workspace

Click on Dual write Tile

Click on Apply solution

Select the respective solution to enable the Data sync and Click on Apply


By using this Dynamics 365 app and Dynamics 365 FO Trial environment, you can learn endlessly.

Thanks for reading! I hope this can help get you started exploring this One Dynamics One Platform! Feel free to like and share this article if it helps! Cheers!

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