{How to} Use copilot easily in canvas app

{How to} Use copilot easily in canvas app

If you're looking to incorporate Copilot into your canvas app for better data understanding, this step-by-step guide is perfect for you! In this post, author Malla Reddy Gurram, also known as UK365GUY, explains how to use Copilot easily in your canvas app.

Worried about the configuration process? Don't be! Copilot functionality is already enabled by default in canvas apps that connect with Dataverse data, meaning there's no extra special configuration needed to use it.

Ready to start using Copilot? Simply ask a question about your data and it can help you better understand the insights. For example, you could ask it to find which employee has the lowest sales or which warehouse is out of stock for a specific SKU. Copilot then queries Dataverse tables to provide you with the necessary answers.

By following the simple steps outlined in this post, you can use Copilot to improve your data analysis capabilities and uncover valuable insights that can help drive your business's success.

So, give it a try and optimize your canvas app with Copilot today.

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