Remove Outlook Add-ins with PowerShell | Disable Share to Teams Add-in

Remove Outlook Add-ins with PowerShell | Disable Share to Teams Add-in

If you're encountering issues with Outlook add-ins cluttering up your email workflow, here's a guide to removing them using PowerShell. Specifically, this guide addresses the removal of the Share to Teams Outlook add-in, which allows for quick and easy posting of email messages to a Teams chat or channel conversation. While this add-in can be a useful tool, disabling it for certain mailboxes can help to reduce clutter and streamline the email workflow for users.

In this tutorial, the author walks you through the process of identifying the target mailboxes in which the add-in needs to be disabled, before using PowerShell to turn off Send to Teams for each mailbox. By following these steps, you can help to improve the email experience for yourself and your colleagues, and foster a more organized and productive work environment.

So if you're tired of being bogged down by Outlook add-ins, give this guide a read and see how you can streamline your workflow with PowerShell.

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