Environment Groups are now in GA #powerapps #powerplatform

Great news for users of PowerApps and Power Platform: Environment Groups have officially been released to general availability! This feature allows users to group their environments in a way that makes sense for their organization, improving management and administration. This video provides an overview of Environment Groups and their benefits, so you can start taking advantage of this useful tool.

If you're part of an organization that uses PowerApps or Power Platform, this update is definitely worth checking out. With Environment Groups now available, you'll be able to better organize and manage your environments, saving you time and improving efficiency. So don't wait, dive into this new feature and see how it can benefit your organization today!

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Dhruvin Shah
Dhruvin Shah

Myself Dhruvin Shah. Professionally I am Power Platform Consultant. On this channel, I’m sharing my knowledge on different Microsoft technologies like ShareP...

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