Announcing General Availability of environment groups and environment routing

Announcing General Availability of environment groups and environment routing

Microsoft has announced the general availability of environment groups and environment routing, two key tools aimed at helping admins manage multiple environments more efficiently within Microsoft Power Platform.

Environment groups and rules enable admins to apply consistent policies and settings across multiple environments. By grouping related environments by any criteria, admins can apply key managed environment capabilities to all of them, ensuring that they all follow the same standards and reducing the need for manual configuration. The six key capabilities include setting sharing limits for canvas apps, generating app and solution summaries using AI, and enforcing best practices using solution checker.

Environment routing, on the other hand, directs new makers to their personal developer environments, rather than the default one. These personal developer environments are individual workspaces that makers can use to build apps and solutions using Microsoft Dataverse without interfering with others' work. Admins no longer have to worry about makers working in the default environment by mistake, making it easier for everyone to work in Power Platform.

All of these new tools are designed to help streamline the work of admins and makers alike, by providing them with the necessary resources to create better, more efficient workflows. This announcement serves as a development milestone for Microsoft as it continues to support its users through its various platforms.

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