How to Use Power Platform Teams for Environment Level Permissions

This resource is a video tutorial on utilizing Power Platform Teams to manage environment-level permissions. If you're interested in optimizing your organization's power platform capabilities, this tutorial will be highly beneficial for you.

In brief, Power Platform Teams function as a means of grouping users and resources in Power Platform environments. This grouping functionality facilitates effective collaboration and management of shared resources by granting individuals or teams the necessary permissions at the environment level.

The video goes in-depth, illustrating how to create and manage Power Platform Teams, how to configure environment permission settings, and how to leverage Teams in preparation for application lifecycle management scenarios.

Whether you're a developer, administrator, or an IT professional, this tutorial will provide you with practical insights and guidelines for optimizing Power Platform Teams for environment-level permissions.

Check out the tutorial video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz0kWu8vCjA

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Daniel Christian
Daniel Christian

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