Microsoft Clipchamp: Remove pauses and silences in your videos

Microsoft Clipchamp: Remove pauses and silences in your videos

Microsoft Clipchamp has introduced a new smart AI-powered feature called Silence Removal that automatically removes unwanted silences and pauses longer than 3 seconds in video and audio. This feature is currently free to use in preview and will be available as part of a premium subscription after the preview. Users have the option to remove all pauses at once with a single click or review each pause and decide which ones to remove. The rollout of the feature is scheduled to begin in late March 2024, and it is expected to be complete by mid-July 2024. This new feature will be available as part of the Clipchamp editor, and it will eliminate pauses in speech to ensure that videos are more engaging. Organizations do not have to take any admin action as the rollout will happen automatically by the specified date. Microsoft Clipchamp is working to make the user experience on their platform more seamless and with the introduction of this new feature, users can enhance the quality of their videos and audio without spending too much time on it.

For those who wish to make use of this feature, all that is required is to sign up for the Clipchamp beta. Once the feature is available, users can remove unwanted pauses and silences in their videos with ease.

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