Outlook: New options to copy email items in the new Outlook for Windows and web

Outlook: New options to copy email items in the new Outlook for Windows and web

Effortlessly management of email items has become even more seamless and efficient with the new Outlook for web and Windows. Two new options have been introduced, namely Ctrl + Drag and Drop and Ctrl C + Ctrl V, to duplicate email items quickly and intuitively.

The first option, Ctrl + Drag and Drop, involves holding down the Ctrl key while dragging and dropping your email items to duplicate them. This is a quick and intuitive way to manage your emails with precision. The second option, Ctrl C + Ctrl V, offers a more traditional copy-and-paste method for those who prefer it. Simply use Ctrl C to copy the email item and Ctrl V to paste it wherever needed.

The efficient email management provided by these new options is available across various platforms, including Desktop Cloud Instance GCC High, DoD, GCC, and Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant). The release date for these options is set for March CY2024.

This update signifies an important and exciting step towards more streamlined email management with the new Outlook for web and Windows, providing users with more options to make their lives easier.

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