The removal of Screenshot saving to OneDrive, in favor of Known Folder Move

The removal of Screenshot saving to OneDrive, in favor of Known Folder Move

If you use OneDrive Sync on macOS, then you should be aware that the "Save screenshots to OneDrive" feature will be discontinued in favor of Known Folder Move (KFM). This backup feature will now include the Desktop folder, which includes all screenshot files. The rollout for this change will begin in mid-June 2024 and is expected to end by late July 2024. Organizations should have KFM enabled to prevent any service disruption. If your organization doesn't use macOS devices, you can safely disregard this message.

If your organization already has KFM enabled and syncing the Desktop folder, then there will be no impact on your users due to the removal of the screenshot sync setting. However, if KFM isn't enabled, it's possible that some users are utilizing the soon-to-be-removed screenshot setting. In this case, it's recommended to review the KFM guidance to ensure comprehensive syncing of the Desktop folder, thus maintaining continuity for your users' screenshot backups. Users will no longer be able to save screenshots to OneDrive without KFM enabled, once this change is implemented. We recommend proactively configuring KFM settings to automatically back up the Desktop folder, which is the native storage location for screenshots. By doing so, you can safeguard against any disruption in service and maintain consistent backup practices for your important files.

Overall, this change is part of Microsoft's efforts to streamline its features, as the current screenshot setting overlaps with the capabilities provided by KFM. For those who don't use macOS devices, this change doesn't apply.

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