Microsoft SharePoint: Add approvals to any SharePoint list

Microsoft SharePoint: Add approvals to any SharePoint list

Microsoft SharePoint is expanding its Approvals feature to allow its users to add approvals to any list. With this change, users can configure Approvals within SharePoint Online and the Microsoft Lists app. The global rollout of this feature is expected to begin by mid-April 2024 for Targeted Release and early May for General Availability, with completion expected by mid-June. Organizations are advised to inform their users of the changes and include the Microsoft Support link in their end-user documentation and support processes. Once the Approvals feature is enabled, a user can submit a list item for approval by creating an approval request and specifying the approver. The request will appear in the Approvals app in Teams or can be approved directly within the list. After approval, the list item status will be updated accordingly. Users can manually add Approvals columns back into views at any point, and disabling Approvals will only hide the relevant columns, and in-progress Approvals will still be actionable in Teams.

Overall, this update provides organizations with a more efficient and simplified way of managing approvals within lists, streamlining the workflow process for SharePoint users.

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