Microsoft Lists: Custom List Template Updates

Microsoft Lists: Custom List Template Updates

Microsoft Lists continues to evolve to meet the unique needs of organizations. One key feature, Custom List Templates, takes center stage in this announcement, allowing for the creation of reusable solutions within the Microsoft Lists infrastructure. These templates offer custom formatting and schema, making it easy to create a cohesive look and feel for all list-related solutions.

In this latest update, the extraction cmdlet has been updated to generate list scripts with bindings. New UI updates to the list creation dialog offer end-users an updated look and feel, which includes a "From your organization" tab for easy access to your custom list templates. Custom list templates can only be uploaded by a SharePoint administrator for Microsoft 365 through PowerShell cmdlets. Existing sites related PowerShell APIs are utilized to make the process of defining and uploading custom list templates consistent.

While the rollout of this update is not expected until mid-June, planning ahead can ensure a smooth transition. To prepare, use the Get-SPOSiteScriptFromList cmdlet to extract the site script from any list and follow the provided steps to define and upload custom list templates. Customers currently using the feature in First Release should re-extract the list script using Get-SPOSiteScriptFromList to ensure they have the latest version. All other customers will see the updated UI when creating a list for easy and efficient list creation.

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