Live Copy/Paste Support for Loop Components in Microsoft Whiteboard

Live Copy/Paste Support for Loop Components in Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard is rolling out a new feature to enable live copy/paste support for Loop components, which will allow users to copy/paste, edit, and view live Loop components from other Microsoft 365 apps such as Teams. This feature is expected to be available starting from early December and will apply to Whiteboard for the web, Whiteboard app in Teams, and Whiteboard for Windows.

Users can view and edit Loop components in Whiteboard, but on mobile devices, they won't be able to copy/paste them until a future update is released. However, this functionality can be controlled by the "Create and view Loop files in Microsoft apps that support Loop OCPS policy," which can be enabled or disabled for individual users. No action is required unless you wish to disable the Loop functionality in Whiteboard and other Microsoft 365 apps.

If you want to disable this functionality, you can use the Office cloud policy service in the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center to create or edit policy configurations. You can choose to enable, disable, or not configure the Create and view Loop files in Microsoft apps that support Loop setting, depending on your requirements.

In summary, the new live copy/paste support for Loop components in Microsoft Whiteboard will enhance cross-app collaboration and allow users to create and share content more efficiently.

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