Microsoft Teams: Save meeting content with collaborative annotations as a Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Teams: Save meeting content with collaborative annotations as a Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Teams has brought a new feature that allows presenters to enable live annotations during screen sharing, creating an inclusive space for all participants to collaborate. Late in May 2024, users with the presenter role can save the content along with all annotations as a Microsoft Whiteboard, allowing for continued collaboration even after the meeting is over. With no admin action required, this feature will automatically rollout worldwide, GCC, GCC High, and DoD by late June 2024. Users sharing their screen can save content with collaborative annotations in one Whiteboard file. This feature is available for desktop users on Microsoft Windows and Mac.

To capture annotations, presenters need to select the "Start Annotation" option from the presenter toolbar, and a "Save" button will appear in the Whiteboard toolbar, enabling users to capture all annotations. Users can view all saved snapshots from the meeting in a single Whiteboard file. This feature enhances collaboration and helps transform meeting content into a visual workspace accessible by all meeting participants.

Update the relevant documentation and notify your users about this feature, as it will be available automatically to all users once rolled out, making meeting collaborations more effective and efficient. To learn more about using annotations while sharing content, head over to the official Microsoft Support website.

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