Microsoft Viva: Viva Pulse – Integration into Viva Glint Dashboard

Microsoft Viva: Viva Pulse – Integration into Viva Glint Dashboard

Microsoft Viva has announced a new feature called Viva Pulse, which integrates with the Viva Glint Dashboard to enable managers and leaders to gather additional information and track their team's progress after an organization-wide Glint survey. This feature uses a Pulse survey that suggests questions based on the top strengths and opportunities identified by the Glint survey. This provides managers and leaders with an immediate understanding of their team's progress to-date in addressing key focus areas, allowing them to make any mid-point adjustments if necessary, and keep the momentum going in their efforts to improve engagement and employee experience.

The Viva Pulse feature is currently in its preview release phase, with a release date set for November CY2024 and a preview date of October CY2024. It can be accessed on the web cloud platform and is available on the Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) instance. This feature's roadmap ID is 396563, and more information is available on Microsoft's official roadmap site.

Overall, Microsoft Viva's new feature provides a valuable tool for managers and leaders to track their team's progress and improve the employee experience in real-time, making it an exciting development for organizations looking to enhance their engagement efforts.

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