Pop up messages to drive adoption of Teams and Copilot - #327

Pop up messages to drive adoption of Teams and Copilot - #327

In an effort to drive adoption of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Copilot, this week brings some exciting new features. Through the Adoption Score admin center, users can now configure organizational messages which prompt usage of Teams features. Meanwhile, Copilot in Microsoft Teams allows for popover messages which can be sent to users. This episode also covers a range of other updates, including improvements to Microsoft Outlook, new options for web parts in SharePoint Online, and the retirement of legacy Power BI Apps.

Hosted by Daniel Glenn and Darrell Webster, this podcast episode covers all the latest messages in the Microsoft 365 Message Center, breaking down what users can expect from these new features. For those looking to keep up with the cutting edge of Microsoft technology, this comprehensive guide is a must-listen.

Follow Daniel and Darrell on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for further updates, or check out their own individual YouTube channels for more in-depth coverage of various Microsoft applications.

The link to the podcast episode can be found here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/64Z1L1zR8BzNFamtar09Mk

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365 Message Center Show
365 Message Center Show

A weekly review of the Microsoft 365 Message Center, with Daniel Glenn, Darrell Webster, and special guests. #365MCS

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