Yammer is evolving into Viva Engage

Yammer is evolving into Viva Engage

The social media platform Yammer will be rebranded as Viva Engage to provide a consistent and delightful experience to its customers. This rebranding will take place throughout 2023, including on all existing Yammer surfaces such as web, mobile, and integrations (Embed, SharePoint and Outlook). The first stage of this rebranding occurred in the previous year with the Yammer Communities app for Teams being rebranded as Viva Engage. The rebrand will happen incrementally, beginning with the mobile apps (iOS & Android) and the Communities app for Outlook updating their app icons and name in March 2023. The changes are automatic and do not affect the existing profile, posts, bookmarks, etc. No features, capabilities and investments will be excluded for Microsoft 365 customers. The post Yammer is evolving into Viva Engage appeared first on M365 Admin.

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