{Do you know} Enable makers to create copilot AI columns during table or column creation in Dataverse

{Do you know} Enable makers to create copilot AI columns during table or column creation in Dataverse

If you're a maker seeking to streamline the creation of copilot AI columns during table or column creation, you're in luck. This tutorial explores the preview feature that enables makers to do just that within the Microsoft Dataverse. With this innovative feature, data can be efficiently summarized into actionable information. Responses can be prioritized based on urgency and relevant details can be extracted. Additionally, Microsoft Dataverse copilot generative AI functions enable automatic response generation. This valuable copilot AI information can be defined and extended as part of the record, and users can query it seamlessly using copilot. Overall, this will help information workers efficiently process data and dedicate more time to the inquiries themselves.

So if you're looking to enhance your workflow efficiency while leveraging the power of copilot AI, this tutorial is a must-read.

Written by Malla Reddy Gurram, @UK365GUY, this tutorial is part of his #365blogpostsin365days challenge.

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