{Do you know} Use generative AI Insights and other analytics enhancements to improve your copilots

{Do you know} Use generative AI Insights and other analytics enhancements to improve your copilots

In this post, Malla Reddy Gurram, aka @UK365GUY, shares insights on how to improve your copilot with generative AI insights and other analytics enhancements. By using generative AI insights, you can effectively improve the user experience of your chatbot by identifying where your copilot is not helping your users and where it can be improved. Copilot admins and makers have access to new and improved analytics directly in the Microsoft Copilot Studio app, empowering them to take relevant action and improve customer satisfaction. If you're keen on learning how to optimize your chatbot's performance using the power of AI, give this post a read!

Malla Reddy Gurram is a Microsoft MVP and seasoned CRM expert who regularly blogs on topics related to Dynamics 365, CRM, and the Power Platform.


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