Teams Personal Tabs in Outlook for iOS

Teams Personal Tabs in Outlook for iOS

Outlook for iOS is set to welcome Teams Personal Tabs. This rollout is part of the changes announced in October 2022 in the Outlook Blog and will complete Microsoft’s endeavor to extend the reach of Teams apps across Microsoft 365. Teams apps need to be verified to work on the mobile form factor. Once the app is installed on Teams or Outlook, the personal tab will automatically appear in Outlook for iOS. The More button in the Tab Bar will be renamed Apps and will display all mobile-ready teams, files, contacts, and pages that can be pinned and reordered. This development is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 123862 and will be rolled out from early June, with full completion expected by early July.

Prepare for this change by referring to the full documentation for the changes across Microsoft 365.

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