Azure Maps Power BI Update

Azure Maps Power BI Update

If you are working with Power BI dashboards and need to incorporate location data into your solution, you will want to check out the Azure Maps Power BI Visual preview. This visual offers several data visualizations that enable you to bring location context into your data, such as maps and geolocation.

In the March Power BI release, the Azure Maps visual is getting two new tools. Firstly, geocoding capabilities are now available right within the Power BI tool. This lets you convert address data that contains location context into location data (latitude-longitude) required to plot the address on a map. Secondly, a pie chart layer has been added. This visualization lets you place pie charts at a specific location relevant to the data it represents.

With the new geocode features, users can add incomplete address information or spelling errors. The more data you add to the location field, the more precise your results will be. For example, typing "London" could mean "London, England," or "London, Ontario, Canada." Adding more data will give you the context to understand the specific location and boost your location accuracy.

To find out more about these new features of the Azure Maps Power BI Visual preview, check out the following pages in the Azure Maps "How To" guides:

For more information about Azure Maps, you can refer to the Azure Maps Product site and the Azure Maps documentation.

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