Microsoft Viva Pulse: New questions and templates added to the existing content library

Microsoft Viva Pulse: New questions and templates added to the existing content library

Microsoft Viva Pulse is continuously expanding its content library, adding four new templates and 53 questions designed to enhance team productivity and efficiency. The templates and questions are backed by People Science, ensuring that survey authors have access to high-quality and effective questions to use with their teams. The rollout of these additions will begin in late June 2024 and is expected to be completed by early July 2024.

Tenant admins are advised to review and manage these additions as needed to ensure their team members have access to the new templates and questions. The four newly added templates are Focus and Alignment, Process Efficiency, Town Hall Meeting, and Organization Progress Follow Up. These templates are designed to help teams check their understanding of priorities, address efficiency challenges, evaluate meeting effectiveness, and track progress after Glint org-wide survey results are released.

Tenant admins can review the new templates and questions through the content admin management feature and modify or restrict access to the templates and questions as needed. For more information and details, tenants can refer to the Content Admin Learn Doc.

So if you're a tenant admin, be sure to keep an eye out for these exciting new additions to Viva Pulse!

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