Microsoft Viva: Viva Amplify – Support for SharePoint audience targeting

Microsoft Viva: Viva Amplify – Support for SharePoint audience targeting

The latest update from Microsoft Viva offers support for SharePoint audience targeting in Viva Amplify. This feature allows users to promote their news posts to specific audiences by indicating security groups, Microsoft 365 groups, or AAD dynamic groups when publishing to one or multiple SharePoint sites. This enables more effective communication tailored to specific audiences and improves overall workflow efficiency.

The release of this feature is part of Microsoft Viva's General Availability Release, which was launched in June CY2024, and is available on the Web Cloud Instance worldwide. If you're looking to make use of audience targeting in your SharePoint sites, this is a welcome development.

The post Microsoft Viva: Viva Amplify – Support for SharePoint audience targeting on M365 Admin provides further details on this exciting new feature.

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