Deploy a custom copilot to SharePoint, with a seamless single sign-on experience

Deploy a custom copilot to SharePoint, with a seamless single sign-on experience

Learn how to deploy a custom copilot to SharePoint in this informative sample. The copilot, created using Microsoft Copilot Studio, can be integrated into a SharePoint site with seamless single sign-on (SSO) support. With the Generative Answers capability, the copilot provides a secure conversational experience, fully embedded in SharePoint.

This sample serves as a useful guide on how to utilize Microsoft Copilot Studio to maximize the capabilities of your SharePoint site, streamlining the user experience and increasing productivity. With this seamless SSO integration, users can access the copilot without having to go through additional sign-in steps, increasing efficiency and ensuring a smoother workflow.

If you're looking to take your SharePoint site to the next level, this sample provides a great starting point to build a custom copilot that enhances productivity and streamlines workflows for your team.

Link to the tutorial: https://microsoftcopilotstudio.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/deploy-a-custom-copilot-to-sharepoint-with-a-seamless-single-sign-on-experience/

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