Efficiently Search Your Documents in Copilot Studio | Custom Copilot Tips

Efficiently Search Your Documents in Copilot Studio | Custom Copilot Tips

In today's technology landscape, it's imperative to be able to efficiently search through internal documents, especially when building a custom copilot that caters to specific company needs. Copilot Studio provides a range of tools like Dataverse, SharePoint, and Azure OpenAI to makers which can be used to construct copilots. In a recent experiment, the strengths and subtleties of the various tools available in Copilot Studio were studied to identify the most effective method to query through internal documents.

This experimentation is essential in ensuring that the copilot built with Copilot Studio can easily and expeditiously search for necessary documents to provide the needed information. By selecting the most suitable tool for the situation, makers can achieve a high level of efficiency while using the copilot.

If you're interested in mastering Copilot Studio and want to ensure your custom copilot provides all the information you need, then this article is worth checking out. It provides valuable insights into the various methods of searching internal documents and can help you make more informed decisions regarding the tools you use.

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