{Do you know} Filter Copilot content based on table attributes in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

{Do you know} Filter Copilot content based on table attributes in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

If you're looking to optimize your use of Dynamics 365 Customer Service, consider leveraging Filter Copilot to automatically filter content based on table attributes. This can save agents time and prevent the mixing of content from different sources, ultimately leading to a more streamlined customer service experience.

Administrators can configure the required table and field in the customer service admin center, and Copilot will apply filters based on the specified logic. For instance, if a customer has a specific attribute - such as location - Copilot will match this with the corresponding field in the knowledge base table, using only those records that have matching field values to generate a response. Agents are then notified when a new filter is automatically applied, ensuring full transparency.

Overall, this capability can help improve filtering and minimize agent workload. If you're considering implementing it in your workflow, check out the linked blog post for further details and insights from Malla Reddy Gurram (@UK365GUY).

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