What's The Deal with Schedule API? (Dynamics 365 Project Operations)

What's The Deal with Schedule API? (Dynamics 365 Project Operations)

Want to explore the Schedule API in Dynamics 365 Project Operations? This post provides an in-depth look at the inner workings of Schedule API, which provides developers working with Dynamics 365 Project Operations the only way of automating actions targeting the platform. Leveraging native capabilities offered within Microsoft Dataverse, you can call on Schedule APIs to trigger desired automation and programmatic actions for targeting Project Operations using familiar tools.

The post sheds light on supported APIs, demystifies the OperationSets concept, and covers prevalent use cases for using Schedule API. The post also discusses how to work with Schedule API and warns of the limitations and known issues that users may encounter. Troubleshooting tips and additional resources that include relevant blog posts, benchmark articles, and GitHub repos help you understand and use Schedule API without any trouble.

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What's The Deal with Schedule API? (Dynamics 365 Project Operations)

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