Adding Missing Tables to Modern Advanced Find Experience (Model-Driven Power Apps)

Adding Missing Tables to Modern Advanced Find Experience (Model-Driven Power Apps)

In the world of Model-Driven Power Apps, the Advanced Find Experience plays a crucial role when it comes to data search. Recently, the modern Advanced Find Experience was introduced to facilitate that process. The modern experience is designed to search for the data and create personal views, and lets developers download the underlying FetchXML query, hence providing a better visualization of data than its classic counterpart.

However, one significant drawback has been observed as the new experience no longer includes all the tables from the Dataverse environment. This means that some key tables are no longer visible while searching from the modern Advanced Find Experience. To solve this issue, it is suggested to add the tables into the 'In your app' area of the Classic Experience. Only this will allow adding or removing tables from this field. Additionally, the appropriate forms/views for the table should also be included in the section.So, if you are looking for a way to add the missing tables in the modern Advanced Find Experience, you can benefit from this handy tip.

Find out more about how to add missing tables in the modern Advanced Find Experience by visiting https://crmchap.co.uk//adding-missing-tables-modern-advanced-find-model-driven-power-apps/.

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