Microsoft Syntex: rule to set content type based on filename

Microsoft Syntex: rule to set content type based on filename

Microsoft is introducing a new rule in Syntex that will enable automatic setting of content type to files added to SharePoint library. With Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 165699, the release is set to start rolling out in late August and finish by mid-September 2023. The new rule will enable end-users with Syntex seat licenses to automatically set the content type by selecting the file name, file name extension, or file path. Users can access this feature in all document libraries by selecting automate/rules/create a rule/click on "a new file is added"/choose the action/set content type. It is advised to communicate this new feature to Syntex users and ensure that the users with the license benefit from this capability. For more information, refer to the link mentioned in the post.

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