Developer Environment Deletion!

Developer Environment Deletion!

Are you familiar with the 'Developer' plan that grants users a free Power Platform environment? Well, brace yourself because there's a change coming. In this blog post, the author touches on the impending deletion of Developer environments. While the Developer plan has been a welcome opportunity for developers to tinker with the platform without breaking the bank, certain limitations such as the inability to restore deleted environments have made it less than ideal.

So what does this mean for current users of the Developer plan? The author offers some insights into how to prepare for the upcoming changes and alternative options if the Developer plan no longer suits your needs. Be sure to read the full article to stay up to date with the latest on the Power Platform environment front.

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The CRM Ninja » Thoughts & musings from a Dynamics 365 Ninja!

Thoughts & musings from a Dynamics 365 Ninja!

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