Get Better Results From Power BI Copilot With Linguistic Modelling

Get Better Results From Power BI Copilot With Linguistic Modelling

Power BI Copilot is a much-talked-about feature, and this tutorial delves into how to make the most out of it by using linguistic modeling. With the newly-announced preview featuring the ability to ask Copilot questions about all data in your semantic model (and not just what is shown in a report), the potential is immense. However, merely relying on the underlying LLMs alone won't yield the desired results. As such, the tutorial offers insights into linguistic modeling and how to leverage it to better query Copilot.

The tutorial emphasizes the importance of understanding how language works and how to map queries to the corresponding meaning in the semantic model effectively. By illustrating different scenarios and providing tips for improving results, the tutorial offers practical advice for data analysts, developers, and others seeking to get the most out of Power BI Copilot.

Whether you're new to Copilot or have been using it for a while, this tutorial is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their results.

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