Data Modelling for DirectQuery

Data Modelling for DirectQuery

In this article, the focus is on the data modelling aspects of DirectQuery in Power BI. As explained in the previous article, DirectQuery is one of the three connectivity modes available in Power BI. The article dives deeper into the DirectQuery mode, showcasing its modelling capabilities and how it can be applied to fetch data from a source.

The article emphasizes the importance of understanding the modelling aspect of DirectQuery and its impact on the final result. Building a good data model is essential for an effective DirectQuery connection. The author goes on to provide examples and insights, which can help in building a strong data model that fits specific business requirements.

If you are a Power BI user or a data analyst, this article can help you gain a better understanding of the DirectQuery feature in Power BI. The article is informative and can serve as a starting point for those who are curious about this feature.

To get started with DirectQuery, or to improve your skills with it, check out the complete article and explore the modelling aspects of DirectQuery to improve your data handling and visualization efforts.

This article is available at https://exceleratorbi.com.au/data-modelling-for-directquery/.

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