Microsoft Fabric: Use Copilot to Generate Data Model Synonyms

Microsoft Fabric: Use Copilot to Generate Data Model Synonyms

In this post, the focus is on how to leverage Copilot in Fabric to improve the semantic model in Power BI. Copilot, a feature in Fabric, can simplify the process of generating synonyms, which are useful for refining the data model and enhancing the search capabilities in Power BI. By utilizing this functionality, you can easily identify and group related terms, which in turn, will improve the accuracy and usefulness of your semantic model, and ultimately, enable better insights.

If you're looking to optimize your data model in Power BI, this post offers a valuable resource in the form of Copilot, and can help guide you in refining your semantic model with synonyms. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore Copilot's capabilities and improve the searchability of your data.

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