When to use Power Query/M vs Data Modelling/DAX

When to use Power Query/M vs Data Modelling/DAX

Ken Puls and the author of this post recently conducted a livestream chat on a topic of significant interest to Power BI enthusiasts. After surveying its audience, 75% of respondents requested that the duo discuss "when to use Power Query/M vs Data Modelling/DAX." It's a subject that demands attention, and the post delves into it in detail.

The post expounds on the varied use cases for Power Query/M and Data Modelling/DAX in Power BI, and helps readers to gain a better understanding of these two powerful tools. With a short guide to both Power Query/M and Data Modelling/DAX, the author offers valuable insights on how one can use these tools effectively and when they should be employed to achieve the desired results.

All in all, the post equips Power BI users with the knowledge and resources they need to choose the right tool for the job at hand, making it an essential read for those seeking to maximize the potential of their Power BI dashboards.

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