Changes in file open behavior in classic Teams

Changes in file open behavior in classic Teams

Microsoft Teams is making changes to enhance the security and collaboration experience of its users. Specifically, file open behavior in Teams is being updated to ensure the latest features and functionalities of the web app are available to users. The changes will take place between early February 2024 and early March 2024 on classic Teams versions above

Shared channel files will now open in the browser, while OneNote notebooks pinned to channels/chats or the Notes tab within channels will still open within Teams. OneNote files from other surfaces in Teams will temporarily open in the browser until the integration of the latest file open behavior into the OneNote Teams app. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files that were not pinned using the latest respective Teams' apps will require re-pinning for an edit-ready experience. Users on classic Teams versions older than will have files open in read-only mode in the above scenarios.

We recommend upgrading to new Teams or to and above versions of classic Teams to prepare for these changes. Updating training and documentation may also be necessary. If you have any feedback or questions, reach out to [email protected].

Overall, these changes aim to improve the collaboration experience by ensuring the latest and greatest web app features and functionalities are available to all users, while ensuring temporary support for OneNote files until the latest file open behavior is integrated into the OneNote Teams app.

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