Microsoft Viva: Sharing praise with others

Microsoft Viva: Sharing praise with others

Microsoft Viva Insights is getting a new feature in January that allows users to share copies of the praise they send with others. This update is aimed at subscribers who use Viva, and it will be possible to share praise details within Microsoft Viva Insights app on Teams. Shared recipients will be notified via Teams, making it a more streamlined way to spread recognition among teams who may not have been directly included on the praise in the first place.

The new feature is set to be released in January of 2023 and will be available on both the Android and the Cloud Instance GCC Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) platforms.

With this update, Microsoft Viva Insights solidifies its reputation as an essential tool for team communication, making it easy and seamless to recognize the work of others and share that recognition within a team environment.

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