Microsoft Forms: Supports live data sync to Excel

Microsoft Forms: Supports live data sync to Excel

In a convenient and time-saving development, Microsoft Forms now offers live data synchronization with Excel. By syncing your form responses to an Excel file, you can effortlessly stay up to date and utilize the many analytical functions Excel has to offer. Keep track of your data in real-time and collaborate more effectively with colleagues. This feature is currently in the Preview Release phase and is set for a July 2024 release date, with the Preview Date expected in January of 2024. The platform is web-based and cloud-hosted, with the Worldwide (Standard Multi-Tenant) instance being supported. For more roadmap information, check out the link to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page with the ID 374909.

Stay up-to-date while simplifying data analysis with this powerful integration between Microsoft Forms and Excel. The post Microsoft Forms: Supports live data sync to Excel originally appeared on M365 Admin.

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