Microsoft SharePoint Advanced Tenant Rename Available Now | M365 Admin

Microsoft SharePoint Advanced Tenant Rename Available Now | M365 Admin

For organizations that need to change their SharePoint domain name, the Advanced Tenant Rename feature is now available with SharePoint Advanced Management. With this feature, organizations with up to 100,000 total sites can change their domain name, and prioritize up to 4,000 sites for early execution within the rename. The rollout begins in late April 2024 with completion by early May 2024. However, organizations must review documentation and use SharePoint PowerShell to execute the rename. It is important to note that if an organization uses Advanced Tenant Rename, this will result in all SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business URLs showing the new domain name. Workloads may need additional actions after a rename. To prepare for this feature, organizations must have thoroughly reviewed the public documentation and have SharePoint Advanced Management active in their organization. For those not intending to perform a rename, there will be no change.

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