Power Platform – Entra Privilege Identity Management (PIM) available in public preview

Power Platform – Entra Privilege Identity Management (PIM) available in public preview

Entra Privilege Identity Management (PIM) is now available for public preview in the Power Platform admin center, as announced on February 5, 2024. PIM is a service offered in Microsoft Entra ID which allows you to manage, monitor, and control access to various resources in your organization. These include resources in Microsoft Entra ID, Azure, and other Microsoft Online Services like Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Intune. To participate in the public preview of PIM, you can sign up here. Message ID: MC734236.

The announcement was made on the M365 Admin blog and provides a gateway for individuals and organizations to better manage access to their resources. The PIM service offers a layer of security that helps protect sensitive information while enhancing accessibility to authorized personnel. By participating in the public preview, users can get a first-hand look at the capabilities of PIM and how it can potentially benefit their organizations.

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