New Browser Context Policies for Copilot in Edge | M365 Admin

New Browser Context Policies for Copilot in Edge | M365 Admin

In order to better manage browser context access for Copilot, Microsoft is retiring the DiscoverPageContextEnabled policy and replacing it with two new policies: CopilotPageContext and CopilotCDPPageContext. These policies will enable administrators to control access to browser context for Copilot and Copilot with commercial data protection. Existing settings will not be migrated and the new policies are unconfigured by default. It is advised that administrators configure the new policies before July 25, 2024, to avoid any interruptions. Users with a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license will see Copilot and Copilot with commercial data protection in the "web" toggle on managed devices.

Organizations currently using the DiscoverPageContextEnabled policy should transition to the new policies by setting the CopilotPageContext policy to control browser context access for Microsoft Entra ID users who are not eligible for commercial data protection and the CopilotCDPPageContext policy to control access for users who are eligible for commercial data protection.

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