Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge for Business

Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge for Business

Microsoft Edge for Business is a browser designed to cater to the needs of both end-users and IT professionals. Its purpose is to provide a browsing experience that is secure, while also empowering users to be productive. It boasts a set of native enterprise controls, a new look and feel, automatic switching to keep work and personal browsing separate, lightly managed Enterprise Personal Browser window (MSA profile), support for Unmanaged BYOPC, and Company Branding. Microsoft Edge for Business will be the standard browser experience for organizations and will get activated by Azure Active Directory (AAD) login.

Overall, Microsoft Edge for Business aims to address the evolving security landscape and the needs of users, while empowering businesses to stay productive. With features like Company Branding and native enterprise controls, it promises to be a powerful tool for organizations seeking a secure and productive browsing experience.

To learn more about Microsoft Edge for Business, visit this link: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-for-business.

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