Viva Connections Customer Facing Analytics

Viva Connections Customer Facing Analytics

The Viva Connections experience is about to get even more insightful with the addition of an analytics feature. This Analytics feature allows insights to be gained about user engagement with Viva Connection, popular content types, and platforms used to access the app. Importantly, the analytics data are aggregated and cannot be used to track an individual user.

The Viva Connections analytics feature will be rolled out in March and April and will be available to users with Site Member permissions on the SharePoint home site. Users with Full Control, Edit, Design, and Contribute access should have access to Viva Connections analytics. Additionally, organizations that do not wish to have the feature can opt-out by turning off the DisableVivaConnectionsAnalytics parameter using PowerShell in the M365 Admin Center.

To access the Viva Connections analytics report, select the Settings gear from the SharePoint home site, then Manage Viva Connections, and then View analytics. No prior action is required to prepare for this feature. Read the linked post to learn more about the PowerShell command and other details.

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