Microsoft Teams News JANUARY Update (2024)

Microsoft Teams News JANUARY Update (2024)

In this Microsoft Teams News update, Rob Scott from UC Today hosts a discussion with Tom Arbuthnot, a Microsoft Teams Expert and Co-Founder of Empowering.Cloud, and a panel of experts from the Microsoft Teams community. The discussion covers some of the most popular news headlines related to Teams, including the following updates:

  • Introduction of New Front Line Worker Teams Phone License for Microsoft Teams.
  • Operator Connect launched in India.
  • Copilot or Premium- which one of these is the focus for the year 2024?
  • Teams Work Meetings can now be joined through the Microsoft Teams (free) app and vice versa.
  • Introduction of Loop components in Teams channels.
  • Events such as ISE 2024, the Teams Fireside Chat, and the Microsoft Teams Devices Ask Me Anything.

This update features insights from special guests Satish Upadhyaya, a Microsoft Unified Communications Architect from Softel, and Amanda Sterner, a Technical Architect from Advania. Tune in to stay up-to-date on the latest Teams news and updates.

The episode is available for listening on Spotify.

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Microsoft Teams News from UC Today
Microsoft Teams News from UC Today

UC Today covers the latest Microsoft Teams news from around the globe. Catch up with the latest updates, insights and analysis with presenter Rob Scott and Microsoft MVP Tom Arbuthnot +othersThanks for watching, if you’d like more like this, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel.You can also join in the conversation on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

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