{How to} Experience Copilot in an immersive widescreen mode in Dynamics 365 Sale App

{How to} Experience Copilot in an immersive widescreen mode in Dynamics 365 Sale App

If you're looking to take your Dynamics 365 Sales experience up a notch, then read on for a tutorial on how to enable Copilot in an immersive widescreen mode. With Copilot, users gain access to real-time insights, effortless natural language chat functionality, and other features that empower sellers to drive sales success. The immersive interface expands the workspace, allowing for productive conversations with Copilot. With this innovative sales management solution, users can excel in their roles and drive revenue growth.

The tutorial also provides key insights into the main features of Copilot, such as obtaining real-time insights from various records, follow-up activities from emails, upcoming meetings notifications, and summary of opportunities and leads. So whether you're a seasoned sales professional or just getting started with Dynamics 365 Sales, this tutorial equips you with everything you need to know about maximizing your Copilot experience.

The post also includes a few images to explain the visual interface of Copilot and its features that are being explained.

So if you're interested in learning about Copilot in an immersive widescreen mode, check out the full post by Malla Reddy Gurram (@UK365GUY) on their blog.

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