Microsoft Teams News APRIL Update (2024)

Microsoft Teams News APRIL Update (2024)

If you want to stay up-to-date with Microsoft Teams' latest features and improvements, this April 2024 update is a must-listen. Host Rob Scott and guest speaker Tom Arbuthnot from Empowering.Cloud take a deep dive into the recent updates and announcements, joined by a panel of expert commentators in the field of Teams.

The big news this month is Microsoft's decision to decouple Teams from Office, promising to be a global game-changer. Other highlights include upcoming improvements to the Teams Phone service that offer better reliability, enhanced UI for streamlined call handling, and sophisticated contact management controls for swift communication.

The latest improvements in the Meetings and Rooms Revolution have made virtual meetings more interactive and inclusive with features like AV1 enhancement, automatic camera switching, and multiple camera views. Copilot also received an intelligent evolution through smarter interactions and intelligent call and meeting recaps in Teams Premium and Teams Mobile.

If you're interested in attending any upcoming virtual events-specifically related to Microsoft 365-there's a list of conferences to check out towards the end of the update. In short, this update covers everything you need to know about recent Microsoft Teams advancements.

The link to listen to the full episode can be found right here.

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Microsoft Teams News from UC Today
Microsoft Teams News from UC Today

UC Today covers the latest Microsoft Teams news from around the globe. Catch up with the latest updates, insights and analysis with presenter Rob Scott and Microsoft MVP Tom Arbuthnot +othersThanks for watching, if you’d like more like this, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel.You can also join in the conversation on our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

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